Families in east Africa face a devastating famine this summer.

With the worst drought in 40 years and escalating food prices as a result of the war in Ukraine, there’s a looming hunger crisis. Millions of children are at risk of severe hunger.

We work across east Africa, but we don’t have the funding we need to cope with the scale of this crisis. We need your help to do more.

How big is the crisis in east Africa? 

Right now, families in east Africa are facing unprecedented levels of hunger and malnutrition. The rates of life-threatening hunger are staggering.

Just a few weeks ago, in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia roughly 14 million people – about half of them children – were waking up severely hungry every day. In the next few months, it’s expected this number will hit 20 million.

Harvests are failing and livestock are dying, so there’s less food available. And the food that’s available is getting more and more expensive – meaning the most vulnerable families can’t get the basics they need to survive.

Despite all of this, we know that hunger is preventable.

Why your gift matters

Action Against Hunger is working across east Africa to fight hunger and malnutrition.

In the face of this extreme crisis, we don’t have the funding we need. But with your support, we can save lives this summer.

Your donation could help us to prevent the crisis from escalating – and provide urgent treatment for those who are facing famine in East Africa and around the world.

You could help Action Against Hunger to:

  • work with communities to help them grow drought-resistant crops
  • provide cash transfers so families can afford the basics and to support small business owners
  • supply clean water so families have enough to drink and farmers can feed their livestock
  • create early warning systems to better predict the areas facing the highest rates of malnutrition – so we know where to go before the situation gets too bad
  • support farmers to increase their crop production and protect livestock with vaccinations
  • provide courses of nutrient rich food and therapeutic milk to children suffering from acute malnutrition, to bring them back to health
  • give urgent medical treatment to those who are suffering from complications caused by chronic hunger, such as weakness, dehydration and low blood pressure
  • Run mobile health and nutrition teams, so we can get to families in hard-to-reach parts of the countries we’re working in

Your donation will be used wherever the need is greatest.

Desperate mothers forced to flee home in search of food in SomaliaA photo of Mumina, a woman who walked 10 miles with her three children to find food and water.

Desperate mothers forced to flee home in search of food in Somalia

Like many other countries across east Africa, Somalia is on the brink of famine. Meet mums Mumina and Aftin who share their story of how they've been affected by the hunger crisis.

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