Why does your monthly gift matter?

People in places like Afghanistan and across the world are suffering from a global hunger crisis. 

In Afghanistan food prices are rapidly increasing and families cannot afford to feed their children.

Now that winter has set in, freezing temperatures are adding to the challenges that families already face. Children already suffering from malnutrition will be put at further risk form infection and disease.

45 million people globally are on the brink of famine and without direct action, this number will continue to grow.

The Coronavirus pandemic, conflict, displacement and climate change are driving a global hunger crisis. We simply must act now before the hunger crisis in countries like Afghanistan becomes a humanitarian catastrophe. Are you with us? 

How your monthly gift helps us

Action Against Hunger treats more malnourished children than any other charity. We won’t give up until the world is free from hunger, but many more children need our help.

With your support, we can:

  • ensure access to healthy, nutritious food
  • provide clean water, good hygiene and health services
  • train more community health workers to treat malnourished children

Life-saving treatments are cheaply available and extremely effective. You can help us scale up our work to reach more children in need.