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Our strategy

Action Against Hunger Strategy 2010-2015

Our strategy

Our strategic plan 2016-2020 aims to enable people to be in charge of their own destinies - and to guide us to work with partners to pursue significant, measurable reductions in human suffering caused by hunger. Our three overarching strategic aims, and five goals for driving change are:

Our strategic aims

  • To mitigate the consequences of hunger
  • To address the causes of hunger
  • To change the way hunger is addressed

Our five goals

  • To reduce the mortality in children under five years of age
  • To reduce the prevalence of chronic and acute undernutrition
  • To increase the coverage of programmes to treat severe acute undernutrition
  • In emergencies, to ensure that people's unmet humanitarian needs that are within our areas of expertise are covered
  • To provide reliable evidence and expertise to improve national and international strategies on undernutrition


Photo Credit: © Samuel Hauenstein Swan