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Our nutrition expert teams

Action Against Hunger UK nutrition experts

Our nutrition expert teams

A number of expert teams based in the UK work to enhance the quality and impact of humanitarian action around the world. They enable nutrition programmes to reach more malnourished children and identify, develop and fund innovative ideas to successfully address child hunger.

Enhancing the quality and impact of humanitarian action

Our humanitarian experts continuously monitor and evaluate our work to assess the changes in people’s lives as a result of our programmes. This allows us to improve the impact of our work and reach more communities in need. It also helps us to ensure that we learn from what we do by using lessons from the past to shape future programmes. Our experts believe that demonstrating the quality of humanitarian work can and should be everyone’s job – and are working hard to ensure that is so.  

Enabling nutrition programmes to reach more malnourished children

We believe that every malnourished child should receive treatment. To succeed in this we first need to better understand how many children we are reaching through existing programmes and why others do not use existing treatment services. Since 2010, our experts have been supporting nutrition programmes around the world in tracking their reach and helping them to become more accessible to those who need them. 

Promoting innovative ideas to successfully address child hunger

Despite recent progress in addressing child hunger, huge challenges remain. Inspired by Action Against Hunger’s three decades of transformative and innovative research and action, we understand that solutions will come from evolution, small changes and occasional leaps. To find better solutions we must fail fast and scale-up fast – a task our innovation team is driving forward. 

Current focus areas include:

Coverage Monitoring Network: an inter-agency initiative led by Action Against Hunger to measure the reach of nutrition programmes around the world 

The C-Project: a programme designed to take the treatment of malnutrition further into communities than ever before

Start Network Learning Project: a collaborative initiative to facilitate inter-agency evaluation and learning during an emergency response

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