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Our nutrition expert teams

Action Against Hunger UK nutrition experts

Our nutrition expert teams

A number of expert teams based in the UK work to enhance the quality and impact of humanitarian action around the world. They support nutrition programmes to reach more malnourished children and identify, research and develop innovative ideas to prevent and treat child hunger more effectively.

Enhancing the quality and impact of humanitarian action

Action Against Hunger is recognised as a world leader in tackling hunger and has a huge amount technical expertise to offer the nutrition sector. It has also set out to become a major influencer of policies and practice related to hunger in the organisation’s International Strategic Plan 2016-2020. 

In June 2016, Action Against Hunger was awarded a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) for the provision of technical nutrition support to UNICEF country offices. The LTA is a formal agreement with UNICEF over a fixed period of time and has been renewed for a year in June 2018. The LTA offers the ideal entry point for Action Against Hunger’s country offices and headquarters to work closely to support UNICEF and to influence how they tackle undernutrition at national level.

Our team in the UK also participate in several working groups aiming at improving the speed and quality of interventions. These include the Strategic Advisory Group of the Global Nutrition Cluster, the Infant Feeding in Emergency core group hosted by the Emergency Nutrition Network, the International Coalition of advocacy for Nutrition, the Kwashiorkor working group and the Nutrition Non-Governmental Organisation forum.

Enabling nutrition programmes to reach more malnourished children

We believe that every malnourished child should have the right to receive treatment. To succeed in this we first need to better understand how many children we are reaching through our programmes and what prevents those from receiving treatment. Since 2010, our experts have been supporting nutrition programmes around the world in tracking their reach and helping them to become more accessible to those who need them. 

Between 2012 and 2016 the Action Against Hunger UK team was the lead agency of the Coverage Monitoring Network: an inter-agency initiative to measure the reach of nutrition programmes around the world.

Since 2016, the nutrition team has provided guidance and training on a range of nutrition assessments including coverage surveys (using the SQUEAC and SLEAC methodologies, nutrition and mortality prevalence surveys (using the SMART methodology) and causal analysis (using the Link NCA methodology). Learn more about these methodologies.

Promoting innovative ideas to address child hunger

Despite recent progress in addressing child hunger, huge challenges remain. Acute Malnutrition results in 5 million preventable child deaths each year and affects children’s prospects of surviving and thriving in all areas of their lives. 

As a founding member of the No Wasted Lives Coalition, Action Against Hunger is investing in cutting edge ideas to drive forward global learning and action on acute malnutrition. In 2018, No Wasted Lives and the Council of Research & Technical Advice on Acute Malnutrition (CORTASAM) launched the global Research Agenda for Acute Malnutrition, to support coordination and concrete action across the sector. In support of this effort, Action Against Hunger is committed to filling critical gaps and scaling-up evidence-based prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition. 

Want to know more about acute malnutrition and the scale of treatment around the world? The No Wasted Lives Coalition manages the State of Acute Malnutrition website, providing a comprehensive overview of all available information related to severe and moderate acute malnutrition, at a global and country-specific level. There you can browse the data, latest resources, upcoming events and ongoing research.

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