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Run Against Hunger

Run Against Hunger with your school to help save lives


The Run Against Hunger is an international sponsored run series that takes place in schools each year. Run Against Hunger gives pupils the chance to learn more about Action Against Hunger’s life-saving programmes around the world before taking part in a sponsored run to raise funds to support our work. Pupils take part by running laps of a running course set by the school, and are sponsored by friends, parents and relatives for each lap they complete in an allocated timeslot. The initiative was started in France over 20 years ago and has grown from a handful of supporters to over 500,000 children from over 1,700 schools taking action and running against hunger last year.

How it works

Run Against Hunger has 3 main stages:

1. Before the Run - Learning about Action Against Hunger

At this stage you will recieve all of the materials, support and advice that you need to help plan the Run at your school. This includes a lesson plan and video about our work in a focus country, an introduction to the Run Against Hunger for teachers and parents as well as the promotional posters to help raise awareness. If you're shot on time then let us know and an Action Against Hunger representative will be happy to come along to deliver the lesson for you. 


2. The Run - The fun part!

Our experienced team will be on hand to help you plan the Run at your school on a date to suit you. Every pupil will be provided with an information booklet, an Action Against Hunger wristband and sponsorship forms and to help them fundraise in the build up to the big day. Action Against Hunger can also provide you with templates for everything you’ll need on the day from direction arrows to stickers to lap counting sheets and we can even send you an Action Against Hunger banner in the post if you’d like!


3. After the Run - Receiving donations and thanking fundraisers

Once the pupils have completed their Run they must go back to their sponsors and collect in the funds which the school can then transfer to Action Against Hunger, or alternatively can be donated via an online giving page. After you've counted your fundraising total Action Against Hunger can arrange a thank you assembly to show everyone that took part the difference that their fundraising can make in our lifesaving programmes.



Join the Run Against Hunger today!
Join the Run Against Hunger today!

Join the Run Against Hunger

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What do our supporters say?

"On a sporting level it's good because they don't run for running - they have a proper goal. They can get involved and it shows that every child, no matter what age, can understand the concept and make a difference."

Mathieu Nioche, P.E. Teacher, EIFA International School

"Students embraced their action against hunger fun run with enthusiasm and determination and had a great day with the sun shining and an excellent performance from all involved as well as support from parents and friends too. Thanks to the generosity of all the sponsors they managed to raise over £5,000 for the charity which is very exciting!”

Sophie Phillips, PE Teacher, Collège Français Bilingue De Londres