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Ukraine Crisis

Humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Action Against Hunger responds to worsening humanitarian situation

After months of protracted fighting in Ukraine, the humanitarian situation remains dire

London, 27 February 2015

Since January 2015, Action Against Hunger has carried out needs assessments to measure families’ vulnerability in mental health and access to food, water and adequate sanitation.

Its findings reveal that the humanitarian situation amongst families who’ve fled the fighting in Donbass is particularly critical with urgent needs for psychological care amongst families who’ve experienced trauma as they crossed dangerous and violent areas.  Women, children and the elderly are most at risk, especially in the conflict-affected areas of Donbas region where access to health care and basic supplies is hampered by protracted fighting. 

Humanitarian access to those in need remains a huge concern. Whilst many fleeing the violence have stayed with family members, friends and generous villagers who have offered shelter, food and other essential supplies, the impact of the fighting is also being felt by host communities. The influx of so many families is putting a massive strain on existing resources as rent prices rise and the labour market tightens with increasing demand. 

Action Against Hunger is preparing an emergency response to support both displaced families and host communities in the Mariupol-Kramatorsk-Kharkiv area. Initially, food security, water and mental health activities will support 10,000 people in collective centres for displaced people and through mobile units. An estimated 200,000 internally displaced people have already sought refuge in the area and many more continue to arrive from Donbass.