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Information for journalists

Journalist information | Action Against Hunger

Information for journalists

Action Against Hunger is happy to help journalists travelling to the areas we work and to arrange visits to our programmes, whenever we can.

We recognise the media's important role in highlighting the plight of those we’re assisting worldwide and garnering public support for meaningful change in the fight to end child hunger. 

Our experts can provide information or a briefing before you travel. We can also put you in touch with our teams on the ground. 


Visiting our programmes 


If you’re a journalist and want to visit an Action Against Hunger programme, we’ll do our best to organise that. 

It may be possible for media to travel with our staff on the ground in whatever transport they use, but there may be times when travelling with the team won’t be possible. In such circumstances, it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements. 

Things to bear in mind

If you’re heading to an Action Against Hunger programme in the field, there are a few things to keep in mind before you leave.

We have a privileged relationship with the children we treat and their caretakers. They trust us to try and improve their nutritional wellbeing and it is our responsibility to ensure that they come to no harm while in our care. We believe in portraying those we treat with dignity and respect. For that reason, Action Against Hunger staff will intervene if they feel a media guest is behaving in a way that could harm someone's wellbeing. 

Full and informed consent must be obtained from parents or anyone else interviewed, including Action Against Hunger staff. If you need help with translation, our national staff may be best placed to help, but please make it clear that the interview subject is under no obligation to say yes.

Very often, the malnutrition treatment programmes we run take place at facilities owned by the authorities. Permission for media to visit will need to be obtained in advance of the trip – either by Action Against Hunger field staff or the media outlet visiting. Please ensure that is organised before the trip.


Protecting the long-term security of our teams

Our teams have worked hard in difficult environments worldwide to establish relationships that allow us to carry out our work and effect meaningful change. 

Please remember that long after you leave, our staff will remain and your behaviour could have implications for their long-term security and the future of our work. 

Anyone visiting our programmes must receive a briefing from our country office before heading to the field. We ask you to please cooperate with their requests and try to understand their concerns. 

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to get in touch. 


For photographers and videographers

Action Against Hunger understands how important strong visual content is. Powerful images and video footage enable us to show the world what we are witnessing in the field and help raise vital funds to support our work and inspire positive change in the fight to end child hunger.

We enjoy working with professional photographers and videographers to obtain that game-changing material. If you are a professional photographer or videographer and you want to visit our work, do get in touch. If we can help, we will. 

Of course, we work in environments that can be highly sensitive and/or insecure. For that reason, we do have special guidelines that would need to be adhered to.

When considering a press field trip, other things we need to bear in mind include: the workload for a country office, and the transport and security implications of having someone else with us. 

It’s easier to justify taking up the time and resources of our team if a photographer has a clear plan of how they intend to distribute their work e.g. if they have been commissioned by a national newspaper or well-known magazine.

We prefer to work with photographers who have experience of working either in the country they plan to visit or in similar environments.  


Find out more

If you would like to find out more or have any questions please get in touch with our team.

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