A girl washes her hands at a hygiene station installed by Action Against Hunger.

Urgent Coronavirus Appeal

Covid-19 is going to have a catastrophic impact on the world's most vulnerable people. Our teams are already working to help communities respond to the virus. 

The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis, and many of us will face extraordinary circumstances in the coming weeks and months as we strive to protect our own health and the health of our loved ones from coronavirus.

Covid-19 is going to have a catastrophic impact on the world's most vulnerable people. Those living in refugee camps and in the poorest, hardest to reach communities already struggle to get the food, sanitation and healthcare they need.

Now more than ever we need to support each other. Please, make a donation today and help us continue to be there to provide life-saving aid.

It's vital we respond to coronavirus together as a global community.

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people reached in 47 countries in 2018

What we're doing to prepare for coronavirus

Action Against Hunger treats more children under five for malnutrition than any other charity. 

Alongside our work fighting life-threatening hunger and responding to emergencies, we're also preparing communities for coronavirus. Here are a few examples of our work so far:

  • Bangladesh: We're working with the local government to provide hygiene kits and install handwashing stations in vulnerable communities in Cox's Bazar, including Rohingya people living in refugee camps.
  • Jordan: We're supporting Syrian refugees with cleaning supplies, hygiene kits and handwashing facilities.
  • Ethiopia: We're directly supporting six hospitals, 92 health centres and 429 health posts across five regions. We're also sourcing critical medical supplies and working with rapid response teams to prepare for a potential coronavirus outbreak.
  • Haiti: Having helped to eradicate cholera across the country, we're scaling up our programmes to stop the spread of coronavirus.
  • Colombia: We're delivering food parcels and vouchers to vulnerable communities.

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8 million
coronavirus cases worldwide
47 million
children under five suffering from malnutrition