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Thames Path Challenge

Walking along the Thames, Action Against Hunger

Thames Path Challenge 2019

Event Details 

Dates: Saturday 7th September - Sunday 8th September 2019

Main Start Location: Bishop's Park, Putney, Greater London, United Kingdom

Take on the Thames Path Challenge and push yourself in beautiful scenery that's steeped in history, and a superb backdrop for a festival of river-side challenge events. It's 100km from Putney Bridge to Henley alongside Britain’s greatest river. Most of the 4,000 challengers will Walk at their own pace, many will Jog parts, and some will Run the whole course. You can join as an individual or as a team, there’s half & quarter distance options.  

Or join the Challenge’s sister event instead, the 'Thames Bridges Trek' also starting out from Putney Bridge with a 23km walk through central London zig-zagging over 16 historic bridges with the best City views and finishing beyond Tower Bridge for a celebration finish. With some training and determination anyone can conquer The Thames Path. So why not join us for this challenge in 2019? 

Quarter Challenge 

The Thames Path Challenge is the only route in the Ultra Challenge Series where you can take on any one of the four quarters that make up the 100km. The Quarters are either 22km or 28km long, not exactly 25km so that you're close to a train station when you finish. The First is 28km from Putney to Hurst Park, the Second is 22km from Hurst Park to Runnymede, the Third is 28km from Runnymede to Cookham and finally the Fourth Quarter is the 22km from Cookham to Henley-on-Thames. 

Registration Fee £40 and £175 Minimum Fundraising Target 

(or see the Thames Bridge Trek below)

Half Challenge 

Either of the two halves of the 100km walk can be taken on. The First is the 50km from Putney to Runnymede and the Second is from Runnymede and finishes 50km later in Henley-on-Thames.

Registration Fee £60 and £275 Minimum Fundraising Target

Full Challenge 

The Full 100km route can be taken on in one of two different ways, the first is the continuous option starting early on Saturday 9th September and the other option is to camp half-way in historic Runnymede once you've completed the first half, and to continue early on Sunday 10th September.

Registration Fee £80 and £425 Minimum Fundraising Target

Thames Bridge Trek 

The sister event starts in Putney but rather than heading West, the Thames Bridge Trek heads East and zig-zags across the 16 bridges across the Thames finishing in Southwark with the world-famous Tower Bridge. 

Registration Fee £40 and  £150 Minimum Fundraising Target 


When you sign-up to take part in this challenge Action Against Hunger will be there to help with fundraising by providing you with a welcome pack including fundraising guides, training tips and t-shirts for fundraising and a technical tee for the event itself. 

One of the reason we have partnered up with the Isle of Wight Challenge is that they have a great reputation for the support they provide on the day including: 

  • Covered Rest Stops   
  • FREE meals + snacks & drinks  
  • Fully signed route + maps  
  • Pace walkers, medics, massage  

If you would like to know more about this challenge and speak to someone at Action Against Hunger please call David Copsey on 0208 293 6196 or email on 

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Thames Path Challenge

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