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While malnutrition rates in Peru have dropped, child malnutrition continues to be a serious public health issue


Country overview

Despite strong economic growth during recent years, the disparity in wealth between urban and rural areas of Peru is growing. Rural families living in the highland regions of the Peruvian Andes, who rely on the cultivation of crops for their livelihoods, are particularly affected by poverty and food insecurity. While malnutrition rates in Peru have dropped, child malnutrition continues to be a serious public health issue, especially anaemia which has long-term effects on brain development and can lead to decreased learning capacity. This condition affects 43 per cent of children under the age of three and this rate increases to 80 per cent in rural areas.

The El Niño phenomenon in 2017 resulted in heavy rains, causing severe flooding and landslides along the northern coast of Peru. Over 110,000 people have been displaced by flooding since December and more than 80 deaths have been reported. The government declared a national state of emergency in the Piura region.


People we helped in 2017

What we are doing

Active in Peru since 2007, Action Against Hungers' in-country teams carry out a range of food security programs that aim to combat child malnutrition and reducing anaemia. Since the El Niño phenomenon, we have continued to work in Puno to reduce risks and improve housing and production although much of our work has focused on the humanitarian response to the flooding in Piura.

Our activities in Peru also include strengthening government health systems and community-based organisations to:

  • Improve information systems
  • Promote breastfeeding
  • Strengthen commitments to biofortification and nutritional supplements for children under three years
  • Providing access to clean water and rebuilding irrigation systems to support vulnerable communities in rural Peru



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