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Research Review 2017

Jun 29 2018

Our Research Review highlights the high quality and impact driven research activities conducted across Action Against Hunger in 2017, as well as assessing and evaluating our progress in research across the organisation.


PDF (1.45 MB)

Action Against Hunger's Research Review 2017

For over 35 years, Action Against Hunger has been at the forefront of the fight against hunger worldwide. Today, we have an established reputation as an evidence-based organisation, capable of providing high-quality technical and operational support, even in the most challenging contexts.

Research is our primary means of assessing and improving the effectiveness, scalability, and sustainability of our actions; of learning how to respond better and faster to beneficiary needs and vulnerabilities, especially in times of crisis; and of leveraging evidence-based advocacy to produce the change we want to see in the world.

The aim of the report is to highlight the research activities being conducted across Action Against Hunger and highlight the importance of research and synergy with our operational programmes.