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Parliamentarians Take Action Against Hunger

Jul 22 2015

This booklet - “Parliamentarians Take Action Against Hunger” – is a resource for MPs and decision makers to guide their actions effectively and contribute to the fight against child hunger. 


PDF (727.61 KB)

Parliamentarians take Action Against Hunger

Ensuring that every child is able to reach their full potential is of the upmost importance. But malnutrition continues to steal children of their opportunities. We want to see a world where no one goes to bed hungry and where no child dies from preventable and treatable malnutrition. This can only happen is we work together. 

Parliamentarians play a vital role in making ‘change’ happen. This pack provides information on the solutions that exists to tackle malnutrition and how our leaders can champion these issues within Parliament to create lasting change. In doing so they are working with us to provide sustainable solutions to hunger and support people to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.