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Overcoming the challenges of undernutrition in Tanzania through 2021

Mar 28 2017

Reflecting on trends, questions, and future scenarios for urgent nutrition action    


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Mother and Child Photo Tanzania

This report provides a unique futures-focused analysis of the new nutrition scale up efforts in Tanzania, aimed at addressing both forms of child undernutrition: acute malnutrition and stunting. It does so through the analysis of main trends and by exploring three possible scenarios for the next five years.

Within the context of renewed efforts to address the plight of child undernutrition in Tanzania, this report pre-empts key challenges that development partners are likely to face through 2021. It also aims to increase awareness and advocacy, energise scale-up efforts and engagement plans, and encourage urgent priority-setting and committed and context-relevant action from all nutrition stakeholders, in order to effectively address acute and chronic child undernutrition. 

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