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Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Dec 8 2015

Mental health and humanitarian aid workers: a shift of emphasis from treatment to prevention.


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Mindfulness and Wellbeing | Action Against Hunger

In recent years, there has been an awareness of mindfulness-based approaches to stress reduction, along with evidence on its benefits towards supporting personal and organisational wellbeing.

In his paper, Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Hitendra Solanki, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Advisor for Action Against Hunger UK and the Start Network, explores the current wellbeing support available to aid workers and examines the concept of mindfulness, and in particular, mindfulness-based approaches.

The use of mindfulness-based approaches is not just a fashionable next-step to supporting staff wellbeing and resilience, but is based on over 35 years of scientific clinical trials and evidence-based benefits from a variety of industries and sectors.The paper champions the need to explore how well being within our organisations could benefit from such approaches.