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Learning Review 2015

Apr 25 2016

Action Against Hunger’s Learning Review 2015 provides an indication of how the organisation is performing and a channel where issues can be raised, ideas can be proposed and learning can be documented. 


PDF (4.99 MB)

Action Against Hunger Learning Review 2015

The Learning Review 2015 has been prepared in a highly participatory manner, relying upon strong cooperation across Action Against Hunger worldwide. It builds on Action Against Hunger's new International Evaluation Policy and Guidelines which allows to improve the quality and accuracy of the analysis. This review is organised around three key sections:

  • a meta-analysis of centralised project evaluations conducted in 2015;
  • a selection of articles discussing hot topics and new approaches and;
  • a set of good practices selected on their quality and potential to improve ongoing and future interventions. 

This report presents enlightening data visualisation and analysis, challenging findings and strategic recommendations.