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Evolution of the Asian Donorship Landscape

Jan 12 2017

Read the latest trend analysis by the Interagency Regional Analysts Network, supported by Action Against Hunger and IRIS.  


PDF (1.61 MB)

Report on the evolution of the Asian donorship landscape to 2020

So as to support strategic decision-making at regional and national levels of Action Against Hunger, this report analyses four heavy trends impacting the donorship landscape in Asia by 2020:

  1. Wealthier Asia and the ‘growth dividend’
  2. The growing cost of being the most disaster-prone and poorest region worldwide
  3. ‘Governmentalization’ of institutional aid in Asia
  4. The rise of non-institutional aid actors in Asia.

The analysis then focuses on four key global and regional uncertainties as potential game changers in the outlook, considering a range of political, militar, and technological factors.

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