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Aid for Nutrition 2013

Sep 1 2012

Are we on track to meet the needs? 2010 and 2011. Action Against Hunger’s updated mapping of nutrition investments provides a detailed analysis on official development assistance reporting systems, assesses the transparency, quantity and effectiveness of recent nutrition funding, and recommendations on what is needed to adequately address undernutrition.


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Aid for Nutrition 2013 | Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger calls for:

  • Greater investments in nutrition-specific interventions in both emergency and non-emergency contexts.
  • Donors to keep their promise of spending 0.7 per cent of their GNI on aid, like the UK did this year, with spending on nutrition to be prioritised for future investments.
  • Donors to target aid to the countries with the highest burden of undernutrition.
  • Improved reporting by donors to provide sufficient transparency of the nutrition programmes they fund.
  • A robust accountability framework for investment to be established to increase transparency and accountability.