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Action Against Hunger Learning Review 2014

Apr 23 2015

Action Against Hunger’s Learning Review 2014 provides an indication of how the organisation is performing and a channel where issues can be raised, ideas can be proposed, and learning can be documented. 


PDF (5.98 MB)

Action Against Hunger Learning Review

The  review is organised around three key sections: (i) a meta-analysis of Action Against Hunger’s 2014 evaluations which allows us to learn from our experiences and to integrate learnings into future programming cycles, (ii) a selection of articles which serve to promote debate and discussion, raise burning issues and discuss new approaches and; (iii) a compilation of good practices identified during the evaluations in 2014 which have the potential to be replicated and scaled-up in other contexts.

The content also looks at how Action Against Hunger adds quality throughout the cycle of a project from design, to implementation, evaluation and knowledge and information management for organisational learning.