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ACF Learning Review 2013

Jun 13 2014

The Learning Review has become an increasingly important document for Action Against Hunger. It offers colleagues at all levels of the organisation an indication of how the organisation is performing, and provides a channel where issues can be raised, ideas can be proposed, and learning can be documented. 


PDF (5.22 MB)

This review, as with the previous two features an analysis of performance against the seven OECD/DAC criteria, a collection of best practices identified throughout the year during evaluations and a ‘features’ section. It is in this section where the 2013 edition of the review has adjusted its focus. Although the Review has always been keen to ensure the content remains rooted in evaluation, it was important not to restrict the opportunity the Review provides to include other important subject matter.

Therefore, the newly named ‘Debate and Discussion’ section is more extensive than in previous years. This section provides the opportunity for the organisation to be self-reflective and to challenge itself.

The 2013 review also includes a series of Best Practice examples from countries including, but not limited to: Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Paraguay, Burkina Faso, Mali and Ivory Coast.

The report is also available to download in French and Spanish.