Action Against Hunger has been working to help the 6 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in South Sudan

South Sudan

Conflict pushed more people into hunger in 2018, and malnutrition rates remained high. 2 million people were internally displaced, and 2.2 million people became refugees.


In South Sudan, the revitalised peace process has presented new opportunities. However, a great number of challenges persist: years of conflict have left more than 7 million people in need of food assistance and protection. Bureaucratic obstacles and violence against aid workers limit access and disrupt lifesaving programmes.

The country is marked by excessive gender-based violence, declining economic opportunities and strained health centres. Half of all children do not attend school, and two-thirds of the population has no access to safe water. 

People we helped in 2018


In 2018, we provided nutrition and health services to more than 178,00 people, including treating more than 46,000 children under five. We also empowered mothers to screen their children, improve care and feeding practices for infants, and prevent malnutrition. 

Our programmes also helped people in the following ways:  

  • Our cash-for-assets programme provided assistance to more than 5,000 families
  • We improved access to water and sanitation for 110,854 people and rehabilitated 115 waterpoints
  • We deployed our emergency teams to hard-to-reach areas and screened 46,670 people and treated 3,250 acutely malnourished children
  • We conducted ten surveys to measure malnutrition 

The preliminary results of our research into malnutrition levels provided practical evidence of better ways to fight undernutrition.

In partnership with the World Food Programme, we piloted a digital system to manage malnutrition treatment and community outreach. We conducted gender analyses and safety audits to account for the impact of gender-based violence on nutrition, and to improve service delivery. 


South Sudan Crisis
South Sudan Hidden Crisis


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