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Open Data Policy

Children play in a campsite in Afghanistan, where Action Against Hunger is providing vital services

Our Open Data Policy

Action Against Hunger is committed to upholding the highest possible standards of transparency and accountability in all aspects of our work. We are accountable to our donors, partners and beneficiaries, and believe that an open exchange of information is essential to building accountable and productive partnerships with all our stakeholders. This policy sets out when and how we will share information, and the circumstances in which we will not.

In line with the core principles of open data, we will endeavour to provide information which is timely and complete, and which is presented in a manner which is accessible, comparable and, above all, useful.  


This policy applies to Action Against Hunger UK, part of the global Action Against Hunger network, which combats hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity in countries across the world. 

Where information falls under the remit of other Action Against Hunger network members we will, where possible, attempt to redirect requests appropriately. However, such requests will be entirely the responsibility of the relevant network member and do not fall within the scope of this policy. 

Our Commitment

Action Against Hunger’s foremost commitment is to the individuals and communities for whom we work. Our aim is to address the causes and consequences of hunger, and to change the way it is addressed, and our beneficiaries include some of the most vulnerable and disempowered groups in the world. We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that our activities stand up to the highest standards of scrutiny, and that our programmes are transparent, accessible and accountable to our beneficiaries.

For this reason, we are striving toward compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) across the whole Action Against Hunger Network. Among these standards is a pledge to “promote a culture of open communication”, ensuring that both internally and with our stakeholders, there is a culture of openness and accountability in our organisation. Action Against Hunger will incorporate these values into all of our organisational relationships, and strive at all times to ensure effective communication of programme information to those who are impacted by our work. 

Accessing Data

Action Against Hunger UK’s website will remain the primary vehicle for disseminating information on our organisation, governance, finances, policies and programming, and will be regularly updated with resources including strategic and financial information, and detailed annual progress reports. These reports contain a comprehensive overview of our activities, and are our main reference point for organisational data. 

If the required information is not accessible through our resource centre, inquiries should be directed to our Supporter Care Team at, or by post to:

Action Against Hunger, First Floor, Rear Premises
161-163 Greenwich High Road, London, SE10 8JA.

We will aim to respond to your request within ten working days and, if accepted, to provide the requested data within thirty working days. 


Action Against Hunger is a member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), an initiative which brings together stakeholders from across the globe with the aim of improving the accessibility, comparability and utility of data on aid spending. This is achieved through the IATI Standard, a common format through which all participating organisations will submit data. Action Against Hunger is committed to disclosing basic programme information through this mechanism, including the purpose, scope and budget of the programme, for all of our institutionally funded projects. This data can be accessed through the IATI Registry.


Action Against Hunger UK is bound by relevant data protection and privacy legislation, including the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and as such will not release any information which may be used to identify a living person, nor any data which will unreasonably compromise a person’s privacy. This includes personal, financial and medical details relating to individuals. . This includes personal, financial and medical details relating to individuals. As of 25th March 2018, we are also bound by the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Action Against Hunger reserves the right to decline requests for information if such a release would compromise the security and integrity of our programming, or the wellbeing of our staff, beneficiaries or other stakeholders. Such decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis with due consideration to the context, risks and benefits of disclosure. 

Where data is not, or is not wholly the property of Action Against Hunger UK it may not be disclosed without the consent of the relevant party(s). Where information has been provided to Action Against Hunger on a confidential basis, it will not be released. 

To ensure the integrity of our operations, to ensure free and open discussion, and to ensure the accuracy of our publications, documents related to internal communications, drafts, data liable to change and any other documents not intended for wider circulation will not be made available under this policy. 

Any request for information which requires resources disproportionate to the benefit of its fulfilment, either due to excessive costs or minimal significance of the requested data, may be declined, as will requests deemed not to have been made in good faith. 


Action Against Hunger take our responsibilities toward vulnerable persons seriously, and we maintain a robust set of existing organisational policies and procedures (including Child Protection, Whistleblowing, Anti-Bribery, Corruption and Abuse of Power, Partnerships, Procurement, Ethics and Research). Our handling of data will reflect these policies, and the policies themselves will be made available upon request. 


If you are unhappy with any element of Action Against Hunger UK’s data policy, or how your request has been handled, please consult our complaints policy.

Photo: ©Sandra Calligaro / Action Against Hunger France