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Why ICN2 is a big deal

Why ICN2 is a big deal

Wondering why you should care about a conference on nutrition? We’ll explain…

London, 17 November 2014

On November 19, ministers from 193 countries will meet in Rome for the first time in 22 years to look at ways to tackle malnutrition.

At the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), they’ll be asked to adopt two documents: the Rome Declaration on Nutrition and the Framework for Action on Nutrition.

Progress in tackling malnutrition since the first ICN in 1992 has been weak and patchy because of inadequate commitment and leadership, financial constraints, weak human and institutional capacities, the depletion of natural resources exacerbated by climate change, and a lack of appropriate accountability mechanisms. 

The good news is that today the world is much wealthier than it was 22 years ago, and the knowledge of what works and what action is needed is far more advanced. As momentum on nutrition builds internationally, this conference presents an historic once-in-a-generation opportunity for strong political commitments that could help end child hunger. 

What We Want to See Happen As a Result of ICN2

We believe this conference should be the start of a new journey not an end - that a global Decade of Action on Nutrition should be emerge as a reality and additional options and approaches debated, agreed and adopted. 

The outcome documents of ICN2 are voluntary in nature. We need to be sure promises made will translate into actions that help transform nutrition and, subsequently, human wellbeing and sustainable development. 

Our nutrition experts have produced a report,  Action to Improve Nutrition, that has identified actions we believe are essential to ensure the ICN2 is not simply a talking shop but the moment the world was ignited to implement action.