Risk and Ethics Committee
Terms of Reference



The Committee shall consist in minimum of one Trustee. Appointments shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee shall meet formally at least once a year in March to discuss the annual risks register. Regular exchanges will take place by email and phone throughout the year.

Record of meetings

The Committee shall ensure than an agreed written record of their meetings is forwarded to the Board.

Staff attendance

The Executive Director is required to attend all meetings of the Committee. Other staff may, at the Committee Chair's request, attend meetings as required.

Functions of the Committee

  • To review risks and mitigation measures identified in the annual risks register.
  • To monitor the implementation of the mitigation measures proposed.
  • To advise the executive on risks mitigation.
  • To ensure that there is effective communication reinforcing ethical values and good practice in the Charity.
  • To ensure that risks management is mainstream within the Charity.
  • To set up monitoring, reporting and accountability processes.
  • To be the reference body for staff to raise concerns.
  • To assess reports and oversee subsequent actions following breaches of the ethics policy or allegtions of misconduct.
  • To liaise whenever necessary with stakeholders over ethical issues.
  • To inform the Board of any new major risk and work with senior management to set up mitigation actions.


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