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Healthy Mums, Healthy Kids

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Healthy Mums, Healthy Kids

All mums share the desire to give their child the best start to life. Ensuring every child is able to fulfil their potential - no matter where they were born - begins with good nutrition.

The right nutrition during pregnancy and in the first years of a child’s life has a profound impact on a child’s ability achieve their potential and dreams. It provides the essential building blocks to grow, learn and thrive. 

But millions of mums around the world struggle to give their children a healthy start to life because they do not have access to good nutrition. Today, a shocking 16 million children are at risk of death from malnutrition. Thankfully, solutions exist to ensure children can survive and thrive.

We must ensure that all women & children have access to the right nutrition & treatment during this important time

This summer's Nutrition for Growth summit provides the biggest opportunity to make this a reality, with the biggest gathering of world leaders uniting around a common cause.

That is why we are calling on David Cameron to scale-up efforts on nutrition that will improve the lives of 50 million women and children. In the run-up to the summit, which will take place this summer, we are delighted to present a number of inspiring stories featuring mums and their children around the world.

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Amazing Mums

Guidimakha photo story

Guidimakha, children, mothers, good nutrition, malnurtrition, aid work, education, mother and baby
A mum of Guidimakha with her child

See how we are bringing about permanent change for the people of Guidimakha

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Khounav's story

Syrian refugee, refugee story, refugee camp, syrian children, syrian mothers, mother and child, war, syrian conflict, aid work, nutrition, good nutrition, malnutrition
Khounav, a Syrian refugee and her son

Khounav, a Syrian mother shares her fears of giving birth in a refugee camp

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Marie's story

Seirra Leone, Sunshine Community
Marie Sesay, with orphan Lizzie, 4 years old

Marie tells us about taking in 5 orphans whilst bringing up 4 children of her own

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What did your mum build you strong to become?

We believe a good start in life for any child begins with great nutrition. We asked some of our colleague's children to tell us what their mums built them strong for, and what they want to grow up to be. Watch what they told us, in our adorable video!


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Image: A mother and her child at an outpatient feeding centre in Niger. S. Hauenstein Swan for Action Against Hunger