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What is Payroll Giving?

In Burkina Faso, Western Africa, women create dams to retain rainwater

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll giving is a way for you to donate to the causes you care about directly through your salary without paying tax on it.

With payroll giving, donors provide charities with a regular source of income to allow them to plan ahead and budget for the future. It is one of the most tax efficient ways of donating.


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Why action against hunger?

Action Against Hunger will always be there when we are needed to respond to emergencies, but that alone is not enough. We also work with local people to build long-term solutions to put an end to hunger for good and that is the true value of a regular gift.


How it works

If you’re an individual, simply fill out this online form and our payroll giving agency will take care of the rest.

If you’re an employer you can contact a payroll-giving agency to set up a scheme. A list of government-approved payroll giving agencies can be provided upon request using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

You can make deductions each time you run payroll. The donation will be taken from your employees’ pay before tax but after National Insurance, this means that part of every donation comes from money that would otherwise have been taken by HMRC, so every pound donated will only cost 80p or 60p for those on a higher tax rate.

Payroll sends donations to the payroll giving agency, and they will pass them on to us. Ask your agency any questions you or your employees have about the scheme.


Costs of running a scheme

Agencies may charge an administration fee. They usually deduct this from employees’ donations before they pass them to the charity. Employers can choose to pay the fee, meaning charities will get more money, and you can deduct any costs of running the scheme from your business profits before tax.


The next steps

If you’re interested in donating to charity via payroll giving as an individual, you can sign up to payroll giving online here.

If you are an organisation and interested in setting up payroll giving in your workplace talk to your HR department about it. It’s easy to set up, they will need to get in touch with a payroll-giving agency and explain that they would like to set up a payroll-giving scheme for your employees. The agency will guide you through the rest.


If you'd like to find out more about Payroll Giving and how you could set it up in your place of work, get in touch with Rory from our Individual Giving team at