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Set up a Payroll gift

HMRC payroll giving to charity | Action Against Hunger

Set up a Payroll gift

Payroll Giving donations are one of the most tax efficient ways of donating to charity. The scheme allows you to make a regular donation to Action Against Hunger directly from your salary.

And the great news is because your donation is taken out before tax a £20 a month donation will actually only cost you £16 a month.

Donations through Payroll Giving enable us to save the lives of malnourished children around the world, as well as find longer term solutions to child hunger. 

3 steps to setting up your payroll donation

  1. Download our form and post it to us.
  2. If your workplace runs the Payroll Giving scheme we'll notify your payroll department who will then take a pre-tax deduction from your salary.
  3. You’ll get a welcome pack from us when we receive your first donation and to confirm your monthly tax-friendly support. . 

You can change or stop your monthly donation whenever you want by informing your payroll department.

Its always best to check with your personnel department that your company offers a Payroll Giving scheme. If they do, they should provide a form for you to fill in and give to your payroll department. They will then arrange for the payment to be made to Action Against Hunger each month. 


Find out more

To find out more please contact Rory Warwick on 0208 853 7571.

Get in touch & set up a Payroll donation