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Run Against Hunger with your school to help save lives

Run Against Hunger

Join thousands of schools around the world and hold a sponsored run for Action Against Hunger.


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The Run Against Hunger is a sponsored run that takes place in schools around the world each year.  The campaign aims to edcuate pupils about some of the countries and conditions that Action Against Hunger works in and promote solidarity amongst pupils by getting active, raising funds and enabling them to help save lives globally.


3 Reasons to Run Against Hunger

1. You want interesting resources for lessons

2. You want to promote fitness and team work 

3. You believe no child should die from hunger and that your school could make a difference

About Run Against Hunger

Schools around the world take part in this sponsored run
Join schools around the world

Find out more about this international fundraiser.

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Teaching Resources

Check-out our teaching resources and  support
Check-out our teaching resources and support

Find out about the educational resources and support you will receive.

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How to plan a Run Against Hunger

Find out the steps you need to take to organise a Run Against Hunger at your school

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