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Teaching Resources for Run Against Hunger


A key aim of the Run Against Hunger is to inform children about some of the countires Action Against Hunger works in, the issues that people living their face and, curcially, how their participation in the campaign can make a difference. To help make this possible we provide the following resources and support at both Primary and Secondary level.

Information Pack

A pack designed to inform teachers and parents about the run, how it works internationally and how it can work at your school.

Raising Awareness Session

Each year the Run Against Hunger teaches children about a country that Action Against Hunger works in through a 30-45 minute interactive presentation and video. This can be delivered by teachers at the school or alternatively a member of the team at Action Against Hunger would be happy to come along to lead this session. 

Pupil Passport

After their Raising Awareness session every pupil will be given their own 'passport' booklet which contains more information about Action Against Hunger's work. Included with this will also be instructions and advice for asking for sponsorship, as well as sponsorship forms for their donors to complete. 

Thank you presentation

Once the run has taken place and all of your funds have been collected, Action Against Hunger has a short Thank You presentation that can be shown to pupils so they can see the impact of their efforts. If helpful, a member of the team at Action Against Hunger can deliver this presentation in an assembly. 

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Join the Run Against Hunger today!

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