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Environmental Policy

Sameera, a Syrian Refugee living in Jordan, is pictured here with her daughter. Sameera was supported by a cash for work programme run by Action Against Hunger

Our Environmental Policy Statement

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that the world is facing at the moment. It is a problem that has affected and will continue to affect the populations with which Action Against Hunger works and benefits in significant ways.

Climate change acts as a threat-multiplier, increasing the frequency and intensity of natural hazards. These natural hazards have the ability to impact all areas in which Action Against Hunger works, from nutrition and food security and livelihoods, to health and water, sanitation and hygiene.

Many of our organisation's underlying values, including respecting the environment, acting with integrity, and seeking innovative solutions, also align with our recognition of the importance of minimising our environmental impact.

In recognition of this, and in line with Action Against Hunger's mission and values to combat the impact of climate change on hunger, Action Against Hunger UK has made a commitment to mitigate our own impact on climate change.

This policy outlines this commitment and the steps we will take to contribute towards mitigating our environmental impact, both globally and locally.

We are dedicated to the following actions to achieve this:

  • Comply with UK environmental legislation and regulations relevant to our organisation
  • Reduce the amount of energy consumed by Action Against Hunger UK by promoting energy-efficient office practices, investing in energy-efficient products, and using/advocating for environmentally sustainable energy sources where possible
  • Minimise waste, recycle¬†materials whenever possible, and dispose of waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner
  • Implement a sustainable procurement policy, which will conserve resources through efficient use and planning
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of staff travel, both in the UK and abroad
  • Promote environmental good practice and Action Against Hunger UK environmental policy to all partners, suppliers, donors, supporters and contractors
  • Increase staff and volunteers' awareness, and provide support on the steps they should take to reduce their personal footprint and to adhere to Action Against Hunger's environmental policy.

After an initial assessment of our environmental performance, we will set specific, measureable indicators and conduct periodic monitoring to assess improvements and make adjustments to our policy and action plan where necessary.

The Action Against Hunger UK 'Green Group' will plan, guide and monitor implementation of the policy and the action plan. The Senior Management Team will be responsible for ensuring the policy is implemented.


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