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Action Against Hunger | The role and responsibilities of the Board of  Trustees

Roles and Responsibilities of our Board of Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit, in compliance with the charity governing document and the law. The Board will act in the charity's best interest, manage its resources responsibly and ensure that the charity is accountable.

Action Against Hunger’s Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis. The board delegates the use of certain powers related to the management and administration of the Charity to the chief executive. The chief executive is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Charity’s affairs, and for implementing the Charity’s strategy, annual plans and policies agreed by the board.

The chief executive also ensures full accountability and transparency of the organisation’s accounts and reports to the board on a regular basis. The chief executive and the senior management team are responsible for making day-to-day decisions. They define and propose the following to the Board for approval:

  • Strategies (five-year plan)
  • Annual Action Plan
  • Annual risk register
  • Policies
  • Investment plans
  • Budgets

In order for informed decisions to be made, members of the senior management team and the chief executive respond to the Board’s questions at meetings. The Board takes a majority vote on decisions (simple majority), communicating them through minutes and resolutions. A quorum of three is necessary. Any change in strategy, Action Plan, policy or procedure proposed by the chief executive is examined and ratified by the board. The Board approves the delegation of financial authority through the chief executive to the charity, within specific limits.


Action Against Hunger’s Board of Trustees will:

1. Own the strategy

  • Contribute to strategy development and review Work with the management team on strategic planning to reaffirm the social aims of the organisation and make sure that the policies the board has set are really achieving the results they thought would happen.
  • Understand and own the strategy
  • Use the strategy as the basis for making major decisions
  • Support the implementation of the strategy.
  • Be kept abreast of happenings nationally and internationally, and within the organization to make sure that the strategies delineated in the strategic plan are actually working the way the board hoped they would. Otherwise mid-course corrections should be programmed into the board’s strategic planning review process

2. Build the team

  • Take an active role in building the executive leadership team
  • Evaluate the Director and the team’s performance
  • Look at staff development

3. Define effective measures

  • Have clear indicators to measure progress in the strategy implementation
  • Clear annual action plan and budget
  • Receive regular reporting against objectives
  • Measure what matters

4. Ensure financial viability

  • Have confidence that the finances are robust with appropriate control mechanisms
  • Play an appropriate role in fundraising, especially in the food sector
  • Have articulated growth plan

5. Understand and mitigate risks

  • Be fully aware and understand the risks inherent to the strategy and the activities undertaken by the charity. Their potential impact, their likelihood and the mitigation measures in place
  • Validate an annual risk register submitted to the Board and monitor risks throughout the year

6. Protect reputation and values of the organisation

  • Guarantee that relationships with major stakeholders are managed appropriately (information, transparency, accountability…)
  • Build and preserve the organisation’s reputation

7. Ensure compliance

  • Guarantee that all legal requirements are respected
  • Sign annual year end audited report and financial statements
  • Ensure that Action Against Hunger complies with ethics, principles, codes, policies it has endorsed and committed to respect


Action Against Hunger is committed to transparent information sharing. If you would like to see copies of our written resolutions, please contact us.


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