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Year in photos: the best of 2015

We are proud to share this collection of images with you highlighting standout moments from a truly remarkable year.

By Action Against Hunger

Feb 10 2016

In the past year, Action Against Hunger’s teams responded to the world’s most severe humanitarian emergencies in Nepal, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Central African Republic, and Iraqi Kurdistan. We were also on the ground empowering communities to tackle hunger in places that didn’t make the news headlines, like Kenya and Peru. We are delighted to share this collection of images with you highlighting standout moments from a truly remarkable year. From large-scale, dramatic crises to small everyday human triumphs, these photographs bear witness to the profound dignity, courage, and resilience of the people we seek to help.

Photo: Stephen Dock for Action Against Hunger, Nepal

“I captured this image in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. These two people are day laborers who belong to the lowest caste — the caste system in Nepal is similar to that in India. They’re working in houses that have collapsed. Some of the laborers have traveled from rural mountain communities to work, hoping to earn enough money to rebuild their own houses. With no other place to stay, they and their families often sleep in these destroyed houses — even though further collapse or damage is possible at any time from aftershocks.”

— Stephen Dock

Photo: Veejay Villafranca for Action Against Hunger, Philippines

“I was struck by the contrast in this image — a mother’s pain in the face of displacement, coupled with the peaceful slumber of her young twins. The tragedy of displacement isn’t the fact that people are in limbo, but that they are robbed of their dignity. There is a lack of dignified living conditions in shelters like the one pictured — no electricity and water.”

— Veejay Villafranca


Photo: William Daniels for Action Against Hunger, Central African Republic

“In the community of Bangui in the Central African Republic, a desperate group of people who had been uprooted from their homes by civil conflict piled on top of an already fully loaded truck that was preparing to depart for a safer area — the neighboring nation of Chad — via roads to the north or east. These people were carrying all their belongings, and they spent several hours waiting on the truck, in intense heat, but it wound up never leaving due to security concerns about the journey. For the families hoping to escape a violent environment and a destroyed economy — their hopes were dashed that day.”

— William Daniels

Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger, Jordan

“This is a tender moment between an Action Against Hunger staff member and a Syrian refugee in Jordan. Sultan has worked with Action Against Hunger for a long time and is very committed to the well-being of the refugee families we serve. This photo was taken in Irbid on the day we launched our psychosocial support program to help refugees cope with trauma and stress. The program focuses specifically on elderly people, who have a great influence in families and the community. At the moment I took this picture, Sultan was comforting an older woman who had attended one of our sessions.”

— Florian Seriex


Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Kenya

“A child is being treated for malnutrition at a hospital that Action Against Hunger supports in rural West Pokot, Kenya. Scolastica, one of our nutritionists, was at the hospital, supporting the doctors and nurses with treatment for severely malnourished children. This child was admitted for inpatient care at a professional facility of the Kenyan Ministry of Health, where Action Against Hunger has the privilege to support health workers and staff with training. Action Against Hunger’s work in Kenya is representative of how governments and humanitarian agencies work together in partnership. I felt proud of being part of an organization that humbly provides great technical expertise to strengthen the institutions of the country where it works. That is the kind of development of which I want to be part.”

— Guy Calaf

Photo: Keiko Balerdi for Action Against Hunger, Peru

“This group of children was running around during a break in school day in the community of Yanapampa, Ayacucho, Peru. These kids are healthy, thanks in large part to Action Against Hunger’s successful four-year program to improve nutrition and access to clean water. These children represent a whole new generation of young people who will have equal opportunities. I think the future of the country is captured in this photo. The laughter of these kids is contagious. It was impossible for me to not want to cherish this moment and capture it forever.”

— Keiko Balerdi


Photo: Whitney Smith for Action Against Hunger, South Sudan

“Women and children are collecting water at sunset in Alek, South Sudan. Every evening in Alek, I would walk to the market at sunset. Simply observing daily life was my favorite part of the day, and it struck me that too few people have the opportunity to see what I saw in South Sudan, such as children at play and women chatting beneath the backdrop of a breathtaking pink sky. So many of the images that we see from South Sudan depict the crisis and the challenges the country faces, but it was important to me to show that it is filled with immense beauty as well.”

— Whitney Smith


Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Nepal

“Young girls play in their tent in a camp where they have lived since being displaced by landslides that followed last year’s earthquakes in Nepal. Some of these girls lost their parents in the disaster, their village was completely destroyed, and still they find the strength to play together and enjoy a moment of genuine humanity. The loved ones that the earthquake took from them will never be given back to them, but I felt that they had the determination, the resilience, and the optimism to push forward and get back on their feet. I felt proud that my organization was there in the camp providing water and sanitation facilities, such as latrines, water collectors, and water points — as well as much needed psycho-social support.”

— Guy Calaf


Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Kenya

“This is Jedidah Ngui, Action Against Hunger’s nutritionist, screening a child for malnutrition during a routine check at an outreach site in West Pokot, Kenya. Our nutritionists are experts in their field, and provide in-demand technical training and support to the Kenyan Ministry of Health. This photo exemplifies how committed and caring our teams are. Jedidah has a 14-hour day coordinating activities to screen children for malnutrition. Yet she still finds plenty of time to be hands-on with the patients that come in — creating and nurturing that indispensable relationship and trust between NGO staff and the communities they serve. Jedidah is one of the people who motivates me to do the work I do. Knowing I can highlight her work by telling her story is why I work hard for this organization.”

— Guy Calaf


Photo: Sylvain Cherkaoui for Action Against Hunger, Mauritania

“The theater is a proud tradition in Mauritania, and it’s also an ideal communication tool to engage the interest of the communities where we work. Action Against Hunger team members sometimes do performances to help people learn infant and young child feeding practices that will help them stay healthy. On this day, actors from the Alphas Chapo troupe were dancing, singing, and laughing with local children in Keur Samba Kandji village. An Action Against Hunger staff member couldn’t help but be moved by the music, and he got in on the fun. Moments like this capture the essence of Action Against Hunger’s work — the interconnectedness of human experience, and the joys of helping one another.”

— Sylvain Cherkaoui


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