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Ending child hunger: Why March matters

This March, we have an important opportunity to help secure a world free of child hunger - and it's all thanks to you

By Action Against Hunger

Feb 24 2015

This year we have a once in a life time opportunity to make sure millions of children worldwide get a better start in life.

Thanks to you and the 30,000 people who signed our petition worldwide, Generation Nutrition, a  global campaign bringing together civil society organisations and their supporters to end child deaths from acute malnutrition,  are meeting with the UN leaders responsible for overseeing the important decisions that will drive the next wave of action on global poverty.

Our meeting, in March, is an important step towards ensuring world leaders are prioritising ambitious targets that will stop children suffering from the devastating effects of malnutrition, and that they become part of globally agreed development goals for the next 15 years.

However, there’s still more to do to make sure our goals are agreed – and you can help

March also kicks off one of the most important negotiations of the year and we need the UK Government, as an influential leader in international development, to champion issues - like nutrition - that are so important to the eradication of poverty.

Let’s not miss this unique opportunity to ensure that the 52 million children, like Prahlad, are not at risk of dying before the age of 5 because of a completely preventable and treatable condition - acute malnutrition.

We know how important this year is for child nutrition, now we need to make sure our decision-makers know too. That’s why we’re holding an event in Parliament for MPs to learn about child malnutrition and become nutrition champions.

Ask your MP to be a nutrition champion and attend our event on the 4 March 2015.

Remember, MPs depend on people like you to educate them about what issues are most important to their constituency. 

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