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We deliver your message to the UN in New York

Thanks to your efforts, the UN today received an urgent call to see acute malnutrition a priority in the post-2015 development agenda

By Action Against Hunger

Mar 18 2015

Generation Nutrition has hand delivered a petition of more than 40,000 signatures to Ireland’s UN Ambassador David Donoghue calling on an end to child deaths from acute malnutrition in a generation.

Signed by our supporters around the world, it called on Donoghue, co-facilitator in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) negotiations, to make acute malnutrition a priority in the post-2015 development agenda.

“We cannot achieve shared prosperity or dignity for all if millions of people continue to suffer from hunger and malnutrition,” said Ambassador Donoghue. “I welcome the efforts of the Generation Nutrition campaign to shed light on the issue of acute malnutrition in under fives and their call for international action to end child deaths from this preventable condition.”

A key threat to child survival worldwide, severe acute malnutrition has a cure. We know when and where it is likely to strike, and can restore severely malnourished children to health. Yet today, at least one million malnourished children die every year because they lack access to the necessary treatment. and the investment is not made in preventing malnutrition from developing in the first place. Generation Nutrition was launched a year ago with the understanding that if we act now, we can end child deaths from acute malnutrition in a generation.

A delegation of campaign partners from Action Against Hunger, as well as Concern, International Medical Corps and Results Canada hand-delivered the petition to the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations New York.

Ben Hobbs, International Campaign Manager for Generation Nutrition, added: “We have the knowledge and the means to ensure no children’s lives are lost to hunger. It is critical that world leaders sign up to ambitious targets for 2030.”

Thank you for your support to end child hunger!


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