Four years of Conflict: Four Forces for Change

Video: Stronger than Adversity - South Sudan

Four years on from the conflict, voices of hope remain


By Action Against Hunger

Dec 6 2017

Four years of Conflict: Four Forces for Change

In December 2013, civil war broke out in South Sudan. Political upheaval and ongoing conflict—combined with widespread insecurity, inflation, food deficits, and an unstable economy—have contributed to a spiraling humanitarian emergency. Much of the population has been displaced, forced to flee to safety, leading to Africa’s largest refugee crisis.

Today, almost four years after the onset of conflict, an elevated risk of famine threatens many parts of the country. Six million people are in urgent need of food assistance – the greatest number of people suffering from hunger ever recorded in the nation.

But despite monumental hardship, food shortages, and threats to their lives and livelihoods, some people are stronger than adversity. These are the stories of people striving to overcome hunger and be agents of change to help their communities. 


People are accustomed to scarcity in South Sudan, a relatively new nation which declared independence in 2011. But this year, the situation is devastating. Food costs have skyrocketed, fighting has uprooted at least 3.9 million people according to the United Nations, and half the population faces acute food shortages.

Read more about the human cost of South Sudan's Civil war here.


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Video: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger

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