unearthed® partners with Sabrina Ghayour to launch limited edition olives with 10p per pack donation to Action Against Hunger.

Unearthed and Sabrina Ghayour Collaborate for Action Against Hunger

unearthed® partners with Sabrina Ghayour to launch limited edition olives with 10p per pack donation to Action Against Hunger.

By Action Against Hunger

May 16 2016

Sabrina’s Mixed Olives, Artichokes & Feta

This week sees the exciting launch of a brand new product, Sabrina’s Mixed Olives, Artichokes & Feta, a collaboration between two brilliant Action Against hunger supporters- celebrity chef Sabrina Ghayour, and long term partner unearthed®. For every pack sold, unearthed® will donate 10p to Action Against Hunger, to support our work to provide children around the world with happier, healthier futures.

Sabrina has promised her Mixed Olives with Artichokes and Feta to be a sumptuous blend of Greek Kalamata and Halkidiki olives, Italian chargrilled artichokes and crumbly feta with an olive oil, lemon zest and oregano marinade. Perfect for stirring through pasta for a great summertime midweek supper, and a great way to support our work at the same time. 

Want tips of what how to cook with it? Sabrina has some ideas, including a pasta dish in the video below.

Simon Day, unearthed® Founder says of the collaboration, “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Sabrina. Her long-term support for both the charity and unearthed® and her inspired approach to cooking makes her the perfect partner for this new venture.” 

Long time Action Against Hunger supporters Sabrina Ghayour and unearthed® have collaborated in support of our work

An Amazing £420,000 for Action Against Hunger

Unearthed® have been supporting our work since 2010 and have raised a staggering £420,000 over the last 6 years. Specifically, the money raised from Sabrina’s Mixed Olives, Artichokes & Feta will support Action Against Hunger’s projects to improve the nutrition of families – in particular children under 5 years of age. A portion of unearthed®'s fundraising is being dedicated to our projects in India, including a project in Rajasthan, India.

Acute malnutrition is particularly prevalent in Rajasthan, where 20 per cent of all children are affected by the most severe type of undernutrition. Funding from unearthed® is being used for a project in Kishanganj, a rural area in Baran, eastern Rajasthan, characterised by very poor living conditions, poor health and hygiene and a prevalence of severe undernutrition.

The project aims to combat malnutrition through community-managed programmes. This approach allows malnourished children to be treated at a local community health centre and then at home, rather in hospital (which involves families having to travel long distances and staying away from their homes and livelihoods for up to 2 weeks). Community management enables more children to be reached and is crucial in order to dramatically reduce the number of malnourished children in India.

Matt White, Director of Fundraising and Communications,  Action Against Hunger UK says, “Action Against Hunger UK is delighted to be partnering with unearthed® for their new olive product designed by Sabrina Ghayour, one of our long-standing supporters. unearthed® have already raised an amazing £420,000 for Action Against Hunger and the 10p per pack donation from every pack of Sabrina’s Mixed Olives with Artichokes and Feta will enable us to reach even more children who are suffering with severe acute malnutrition, a preventable and treatable condition that still kills one million children every year. So a massive thank-you from Action Against Hunger to everyone who is helping to raise these funds.” 

Sabrina’s Mixed Olives, Artichokes & Feta will be available from May 16th 

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