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UK’s top chefs call on Prime Minister to do more to tackle the ‘scandal’ of child hunger

Jamie Oliver, Ken Hom, Angela Hartnett have joined forces with other top chefs and Action Against Hunger  to call on Prime Minister David Cameron to pledge a further £530 million to combat child hunger

By Action Against Hunger

Apr 21 2016

Twenty-two of the UK’s highest profile chefs have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister stating that “it’s a scandal that in 2016 over 3 million children will needlessly die because they don’t have enough food, simply because of where they were born.”

Ken Hom (OBE), celebrity chef, author and a longstanding ambassador of Action Against Hunger, said: “For 40 years I have cared passionately about food. It’s an absolute travesty that in this day and age a child dies from hunger every 10 seconds simply because they don’t have access to nutritious food,” says Hom. “That is why I am joining chefs across the country who are uniting to turn our passion for food into a voice for change.”

And Angela Hartnett (MBE), chef patron for Murano and Cafe Murano and joint owner of Merchant's Tavern, added: “Being a chef, I believe it is crucial to provide children with good nutrition so they can develop and lead a healthy life. Together we can make our voices heard to help ensure every child is able to fulfil their potential.”

Nutrition is the most basic building block of life; without it children cannot live happy, healthy lives. Despite there being enough food to feed every person in the world, millions of children are unable to access the nutrition they need to survive and thrive. 

“To Prime Minister David Cameron,

It’s a scandal that in 2016 over 3 million children will needlessly die because they don’t have enough food, simply because of where they were born. At the same time, in the UK too many children suffer from irreversible health issues as they are affected by overweight and obesity.

Millions are being robbed of their potential because of malnutrition, both here at home and abroad.

As chefs, our lives revolve around food. We are fortunate enough to operate in a world where we are constantly thinking about what and when we are going to eat, but in many countries children are constantly wondering if they are going to eat.

Every child deserves the best start to life. Ensuring that every child can achieve their dreams – no matter where they are born – starts with good nutrition. That is why we are calling upon you Mr Cameron, as Prime Minister, to ensure the highest level of political attendance at this summer’s Nutrition for Growth summit and tell the world how you plan to improve the lives of children, both here and abroad. 

We are looking to you to pledge an additional £530 million for nutrition to fulfil your election promise to bring better nutrition to 50 million women and children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

It's time to shift the world onto a path of action to meet the global goal of eliminating malnutrition in all its forms by 2030, providing a healthier and brighter future for the next generation of children.

Yours sincerely,

Pascal Aussignac
Nieves Barragan Mohacho
Neil Borthwick
Damian Clisby
Daniel Doherty
Sabrina Ghayour
Steve Groves
Anna Hansen
Angela Hartnett 
Ken Hom
James Knappett
Atul Kochhar
Bruno Loubet
Francesco Mazzei
Jamie Oliver
Yotam Ottolenghi
Neil Rankin
Jose Pizarro
Alfred Prasad
Vivek Singh
Jun Tanaka
Cyrus Todiwala"

Image: A. Parsons/i-Images for Action Against Hunger

A mother and her child in the Man Awan displacement camp in the Warrap State South Sudan. Thousands of children are at risk of dying from hunger in South Sudan as the country is experiencing a devastating humanitarian crisis after years of conflict.