South Sudan refugee crisis

"There was no food or drinking water"

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese refugees continue to pour into Ethiopia seeking safety.

By Action Against Hunger

May 19 2014

Many refugees have travelled for days, arriving in poor health. Among them, Niyachan, 13, and her young sister.

"Fighting broke out in my neighborhood in South Sudan, which is why my sister and I had to flee. It took nine days to reach Paagaak transit area, in Ethiopia.
“My father and my brother stayed there. They are soldiers. I do not know if they are still alive.

“Before I went to school, even when the fighting began, but now my school has been destroyed. There are not any schools or hospitals at home anymore. Here, we have no place to sleep; we stay in the street.

 “My little sister got sick while we were fleeing; there was no food or drinking water. She became very hungry and weak. ACF took care of her because they  detected a high rate of severe acute malnutrition. They gave her Plumpy 'Nut for several days and she is getting better now. She can hope to stay alive.
“My main concern now is to find something to eat and a place to live with my family."
Action Against Hunger teams support and treat refugees, particularly malnourished children, in Lietchor camp, in the western region of Gambella, Ethiopia. Malnutrition rates there are well beyond emergency thresholds. More than a third of children (37.3%) suffer from acute malnutrition - 11.1% of whom suffer from the most deadly form of the condition, severe acute malnutrition. And the health of those who continue to arrive daily from South Sudan is deteriorating, because they don't have enough to eat. 
Our teams are working around the clock to support the influx of South Sudanese refugees into Ethiopia. Your donation can make a difference. Support them, so that they can meet the growing needs of these refugees. Our priority is to treat young children, and pregnant and nursing women with severe acute malnutrition. We also strive to prevent the onset of the disease, including by providing a home for mothers and their babies, and promoting good care practices. 

We need your support to reach more families in South Sudan and the surrounding countries. Every donation counts. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Photo credits:  © Agnès Varraine Leca