Syrian refugee camp in lebanon

Syrian refugee camp: Friendship in the face of adversity


By Action Against Hunger

Feb 21 2013

As the crisis in Syria enters its third year, access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in cramped refugee camps in Lebanon continues to be a massive challenge, threatening the health and well-being of many refugees.
Like many others, the temporary camp of Abo Noor close to the town of Aarsal is struggling with the sheer volume of people seeking shelter and help. New families, some brandishing severe injuries, flood in daily to flee the shelling and fighting in Syria.

Rasha and her five year old daughter Rawa both were injured during an explosion in Yabroud, leaving fragments of metal embedded in their legs.

Rawa's daughter was in a coma for three days

"We were on our way to the market when the rocket exploded,” said Rasha. “In Yabroud we received the first emergency care. Rawa had lost a lot of blood and needed several transfusions. She was in a coma for three days. A kind gentleman who himself was injured helped us and gave us some money. Eventually a Syrian ambulance brought us here to Aarsal.”

Thankfully, Rasha and her children were given shelter in one of the tents. Fatema, who arrived to the camp a while ago, took them in, sharing her small makeshift home with the newly arrived family. Lovingly she looks after Rawa and her siblings, whilst allowing Rasha to recover from her serious injuries. Laughter fills the room as she patiently plays with the young ones. “The children love me nearly as much as their mum now,” she proudly declared.

Action Against Hunger and Handicap International are trying to secure a wheelchair for Rasha so that she can join Fatema and her children when playing outside.

Water & sanitation

Our teams are also working hard to provide urgently needed water and sanitation structures to those fleeing the conflict. These water and sanitation structures are vital in preventing diseases and epidemics which can quickly spread in the crowded camps. We are determined to prevent chronic water shortages turning into a crisis by installing more water tanks to meet new needs in the ever-growing camp.

Action Against Hunger ralied with other charities under the IF campaign to call on the Government to lead by example and send a clear message to other rich countries that the UK will not turn its back on the world's poorest people.

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Photo credits: © ACF Lebanon