The Hangry Food Company founders Louisa and Mark

Stylish sweatshirts help save lives

New supporters create charity clothing for Action Against Hunger.

By Action Against Hunger

Jan 30 2018

Action Against Hunger supporters The Hangry Food Company have chosen to support our work through their new charity clothing line. #Hangrysweats are made from organic cotton and £5 from each sale will be donated to Action Against Hunger. We caught up with co-founder Louisa Wilkinson to find out more about The Hangry Food Company and their new initiative.

"We launched The Hangry Food Company in Summer 2016. Feeling so passionately against many of the mass market so-called 'healthy' products, we decided to make our own snack bars. With hangry being very topical in our daily lives, we used this as a starting point," explained Louisa, "we make cold pressed plant-based snack bars, designed to help you 'snack out' of your bad hunger induced mood!"

So where do the sweaters come in? "I had homemade some printed jumpers for us to wear when we were working behind our Hangry stand at trade and consumer shows. So many people said they wanted one that we thought it would be a great idea to make them available to the masses to grow our brand awareness" said Louisa.

"Since we started Hangry, we've always been very conscious that 'being hangry' is a first world problem and always wanted to do something to give back to those who were not so fortunate. Friends have fundraised for Action Against Hunger UK before and after seeing increasing news items, we knew we wanted to do find our own way to help fundraise." - Louisa Wilkinson

From a trade-show promotional jumper to a fabulous fundraiser Louisa has big aims for #Hangrysweats, "We hope to raise awareness for the cause by promoting it online and through our social media channels. Either it will help drive traffic to the Action Against Hunger website and inspire viewers to help fundraise, or it might entice them to buy the sweater so that Action Against Hunger receives a direct donation of £5. Longer term we hope that a purchase of the Hangry sweater itself will keep Action Against Hunger UK at the forefront of consumers minds, so that they may go on to do more to help or fundraise themselves."

Louisa's Advice

For anyone considering following the Hangry lead and fundraising for Action Against Hunger Louisa shared some words of wisdom: "There are so many easy, novel and fun ways to fundraise, don't be scared to put yourself out there. Maybe it's a task or a personal challenge you're already doing, like running a half or full marathon, that you can use to fundraise. It doesn't have to be an individual effort, it's a great way to get friends, colleagues and families together and fundraise through a shared passion like baking or maybe its for a sort out like a car boot sale! All these efforts really do make a difference."


#Hangrysweats are available to purchase here.


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