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Partners Fourth and Edwina Lilley Charitable Trust visit our programmes in Mumbai, India.



By Action Against Hunger

Dec 11 2017

Last October, we joined the CEO and Vice President of Engineering from Fourth and the Trustee of Fourth Edwina Lilley Charitable Trust on a visit to see Action Against Hunger’s nutrition programmes saving the lives of young children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.  

Located in eastern Mumbai, Govandi is one of India’s largest slums and is home to approximately 600,000 of the city's poorest residents.

Limited access to clean water, sanitation and nutritious food has resulted in almost one in four children suffering from acute malnutrition which can lead to many irreversible effects on both their physical and mental growth.

With support from Fourth and Edwina Lilley Charitable Trust Action Against Hunger has enrolled 353 children under the age of five to our treatment programmes and reached out to 601 women and caregivers through community awareness sessions including breastfeeding classes, cooking and hygiene demonstrations.

On the visit the team joined in a community handwashing demonstration to improve young children and their family’s hygiene behaviours.

Attended a cooking class where Action Against Hunger’s staff demonstrated how to prepare varied and nutritious meals. 

And, visited the malnutrition treatment centre where young children were treated with therapeutic food. 

Sam Lilley, Trustee at Edwina Lilley Charitable said

 “Having spent 12 months raising money to contribute to supporting malnourished children and their families in Govandi we were unsure of what to expect from our trip but excited to see how the money had been used to make a positive impact within the community. 

The Fight Hunger Foundation provided us with great insight into the work they have undertaken in this area and we spent a day in the slums visiting families to understand what life is really like for them and the daily challenges that they face. We were lucky to listen to educational classes provided by the Fight Hunger Foundation on key topics that help families in the long term – these were very well attended by parents and children alike. We also visited support centres and a hospital for the most severely malnourished children. All very serious experiences but we all commented that one thing stood out for us throughout the day – the children and their happy nature! 

 It was an eye opening experience for us to say the least, however the trip was inspiring, educational and very positive. The work, dedication and commitment of the Fight Hunger Foundation team was amazing, I think we were all in awe of what they do having seen it first-hand. 

This trip definitely made all the fundraising efforts worthwhile and so glad we did it.”


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