Hunger in Somalia threaten's children's lives

Somalia: Nishey's story

Nishey Mohamed Iman, who has just given birth to her youngest child, is surviving on one meal a day. 

By Action Against Hunger

Mar 15 2017

Somalia is in a state of pre-famine. The country is experiencing both severe drought and violent conflict from armed groups, both of which are driving a widespread, dangerous food crisis. 

For mothers like Nishey, the situation is devastating. 

Nishey gave birth a few weeks ago but her body is too weak to produce enough breast milk for her baby. The family can only afford to eat just once or twice a day. 

"In 30 years, it's the worst drought I've ever seen. I heard that the last time there was such a drought was the year I was born. We used to have rain every three months or go a maximum five months without rain. But now we can go a full year without rain." 

We have to travel about 40 to 50 km for water

"In normal times, our main water comes from bins that fill up when it rains. Now we have to travel about 40 to 50 km to get a drop of water."

“My family had 62 goats before, but when the drought arrived the pasture began to run out and diseases affected most of the goats. My husband sold seven animals as it was the only way to buy food for our family and seek treatment for the other sick animals. My neighbours began to hunt bush animals, like antelopes, to supplement their diets after the death of their cattle."

"We're in debt now after persuading health workers to treat our sick animals with the promise of payment next season at the end of the drought."

"Sadly, twenty-eight goats died of an unknown disease and now we have twenty-two very weak goats. What worries me the most is how we will repay our debt and at the same time feed our children. Our goats are no longer healthy enough to sell."

“Luckily, a neighbour told us that Action Against Hunger had arrived in Quracjome to register the families affected by the drought. He immediately contacted the village elders to see if they could come to our house to see if we met the criteria. That's how we started receiving help from Action Against Hunger.”

Families like Nishey’s are extremely vulnerable right now. 

Our immediate priority today is to save lives. But needs are immense and in many of the affected areas we have reached a deadly tipping point. 

Together, we must reach more children with life-saving treatment so they can survive.


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Image: Action Against Hunger