Virgin Money London Marathon team 2018

Running For A World Free From Hunger

33 runners from across the world came together to take on the Virgin Money London Marathon in gruelling heat. They represented the best of the spirit of London and raised life-saving funds for Action Against Hunger's work.

By Action Against Hunger

Apr 26 2018

On 22nd April 2018, 33 Action Against Hunger runners took on the Virgin Money London Marathon. As the team made their way to the start line we caught up with them, asked how they were feeling, and why they decided to take on this challenge for Action Against Hunger. 


Meet the team 


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Javi


Javi Szerman 

"I wanted to run London because I am doing the six World Marathon Majors so it is a part of that. I have done eight marathons in LA so know this temperature, but it is drier here."

"This experience really made me step out of my comfort zone. Reaching out and asking people for donations, which I have never done before. I did my campaign mainly through social media and although I have not yet made my goal, I am close. My fundraising opened the minds of certain people. We all know there is hunger in the world, but when a friend of yours or someone you know gets involved and invites you to participate it is another thing." 


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Alex and Jessie


Jessie Short

"I'm looking forward to doing it and getting it done, I'm a bit scared but I'm sure it will be fun. Apparently the crowds are amazing so I'm sure that will keep me going." 

"We have followed this charity for a number of years and we want to show our support to the cause and the work Action Against Hunger does." 

"I hosted a dinner party for me and 15 friends, which was really fun because we ate loads of food, had loads of drink and everyone was super generous with that they donated." 

Alex Crouch

"I organised a pub quiz fundraiser and we had a great turn out, I think about 30 people came and got really into it." 


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Nicos


Nicos Symeou 

"I have run 21 London Marathons, and a couple of others. I decided to run for Action Against Hunger because I care a lot about children, I used to be a PE teacher actually, and today, I wanted to support a charity with a real focus on children."


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Muneer


Muneer Alsaify 

"I have been able to visit some of the programmes in Jordan and meet some of the beneficiaries and I can totally see the value and impact Action Against Hunger has."


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Matt and Alexandra 


Matt Williams 

"I'm feeling a bit nervous but I have put in a lot of training over the last couple of months and it's been a really incredible journey. I feel like I've learnt a lot about myself and also a lot about Action Against Hunger since I've started running."

"In one word, I would say famine. Mainly because I'm very opposed to food being used as a weapon of war and that's something which really strikes an emotional chord with me. Obviously when I started working at Action Against Hunger I learnt more and more about malnutrition and nutrition and about how technical it all is. I think the people at Action Against Hunger have really become spokespeople for nutrition and how it has to be at the heart of the humanitarian world, and how we talk about it. Even when people are suffering, I think it's very important that we all come together and try to do something about it, hence why I'm doing the marathon."


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Gabrielle and Jim 


Jim O'Brien

"Action Against Hunger are my company charity. I work for a company called Change and we have been supporting Action Against Hunger for three years now."

"I was a little bit under the fundraising target until this week, and I just called all our suppliers and convinced them to donate."

Gabrielle Goode 

"It's quite a lovely thing when someone gives you a donation because it's their hard earned money that they're giving to support you. It's a really nice feeling. The messages that you get are lovely."


Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Nisha 


Nisha Hajamohideen 

"Fundraising's been great and I've still got a little bit to go but I am hoping to hold a Biryani lunch day at the hospital where I work so I'm hoping to get some more donations from that."

"I heard about Action Against Hunger through a friend because I volunteered in Greece with the refugees with another charity. When I was there, my friend mentioned Action Against Hunger's work and I got interested and wanted to run for you."

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Photo Credits: Neil Hart for Action Against Hunger