Peter. our Man of Steel, takes on an obstacle course race. He's raised over £3,000 for Action Against Hunger.

Peter is our Man of Steel

Star Supporter Peter Redwood-Smith shares his fundraising story.

By Action Against Hunger

Jul 10 2019

After taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon, most runners give themselves time to recover before taking on another challenge – but not Peter Redwood-Smith.

Just a few weeks later, the self-styled Man of Steel entered himself into one of the UK's largest obstacle courses near Peterborough.

Normally Superman would've made the journey by flight in a couple of minutes. But this time around Peter decided to run from his home in Essex – a distance of 115 miles in just five days. Peter had already reached his fundraising target for the marathon but using his Facebook blog Peter boosted his total to over £3,000.

We caught up with Peter to find out why he went the extra 115 miles.

Why did you decide to support Action Against Hunger?

“I’ve been following the cause’s fantastic efforts on Facebook and on the website, so I wanted to get involved and support the cause as I think what the charity does is amazing. No one should go without food and yet we have people across the world starving and malnourished.”

"I followed the updates in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai where thousands of people lost their lives and many lost their homes. I decided to raise more funds to provide safe water, food, emergency supplies and medical care to those in need of support".

What was your fundraising activity and how did it go?

"I ran from Rayleigh in Essex to Wittering in Peterborough in a superman suit – with a heavy pack – before tackling one of the largest obstacle course races in the UK. Having ran the London Marathon just a few weeks before, I was still recovering when I decided to push myself physically, mentally and emotionally to accomplish my latest running challenge".

Did you learn anything from your experience?

"I started running in 2017 to battle depression, anxiety and body confidence issues, but I also wanted to raise funds and awareness for charity throughout my running adventures. Running gives me focus. Knowing my efforts are helping those truly in need gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward. Hopefully I’ve inspired others throughout my journey to push outside of their comfort zones, to challenge themselves physically and mentally while helping others".

What was your favourite part?

"The week was an adventure. I challenged myself and met so many amazing people throughout my journey. Strangers arranged for me to stay overnight in hotels, families hosted and fed me... They even washed my Superman suit! Followers of my Facebook blog also joined in on some of the runs, we ran through heavy rain together, climbing over fences and running through fields full of cows. I even bumped into a physiotherapist who was able to tape my knee together to help keep me in one piece throughout the rest of my challenge. It really meant a lot."

What would you to say anyone thinking of fundraising for Action Against Hunger?

"The only person truly standing in your way, is you and it all starts with a choice. You can choose to be better, to try harder, to create the life you want and one that you can be proud of."

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