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In Peru, a fresh take on combating childhood anaemia

How knowledge-sharing can have a positive impact on the health of children

By Action Against Hunger

Jun 1 2015

In rural highland areas of Peru, anaemia is rife. Families here face many challenges that contribute to the prevalence of malnutrition and anaemia. Poverty and poor healthcare means families suffer from health issues they have limited knowledge about. 

Anaemia can be caused by an iron deficiency resulting from an insufficient diet. If left untreated, childhood anaemia has serious consequences; anaemic children are more likely to be weak and sickly, and are less likely to learn to read or finish school. 

Action Against Hunger has been working in Peru to raise awareness of the problems anaemia causes by educating and motivating mothers on how to keep themselves and their children in good health. Workshops and educational classes teach members of the community the importance of an iron-rich diet and how to provide this for their family.

In response to the challenge of reaching as many people as possible, Action Against Hunger teamed with the Ministry of Health and launched the “Wawitas without Aneamia” competition. The aim of the competition was to reach as many mothers as possible to spread knowledge about foods that provide the vitamins, minerals and energy young children need.

Mothers like Gracelia who lives in the rural community of Pichiurara. Gracelia was very proud after her efforts caused her son, Christopher to have a drastically improved health. Gracelia now continues to take care of her son whilst using her knowledge to advise other mothers in her community on how to maintain a child’s health. 

By spreading information and knowledge through the communities we can ensure that even when Action Against Hunger leaves, children’s health will continue to improve.

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