Palringo Fish For Hunger Campaign 2017

By Action Against Hunger

Jun 28 2017

Action Against Hunger is always on the lookout for fresh and interesting ways we can work with our charity partners.

Our current partner, Palringo, is one of the largest mobile gaming networks, and through its annual charity campaign inspires their online gaming community to raise funds towards Action Against Hunger’s work.

Last summer, Palringo were our heroes with their game Hero Squad raising more than £75,000 to help save the lives of severely malnourished children in Rajasthan, India.

This year, following the success of the 2015 Fish for Hunger charity campaign, Palringo and Action Against Hunger are thrilled to announce the return of Fish for Hunger! Fish for Hunger 2017: Freaks of Nature. The game allows the Palringo community to fish online for weird and wonderful ocean oddities for a limited time only, with proceeds being split between Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief. The campaign started on the 30th May 2017 and raised over £50,000 for our work. Also, Palringo users were able to use the ever-popular ‘Fishing Bot’ to catch limited edition freaky fish in the online waters to add to their collections, while working together with other users to combine boosters and improve their chances of hooking a deep sea dweller.

We’d like to thank all of Palringo’s users for their ongoing support. The funds raised go towards an Action Against Hunger water and sanitation project near the Syrian border in Jordan, which will give both refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and their Jordanian host communities education around safe hygiene practices and improved access to clean water.

Congratulations to Palringo who have hit the £1 million mark for charitable giving through this year’s campaign. 
For more information about Palringo's campaign, please see their website 



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