Nutrition for Growth, child malnutrition

Nutrition for Growth Summit fails to make decisive headway on child malnutrition

"The summit has failed children suffering from malnutrition around the world." 

By Action Against Hunger

Aug 5 2016

Yesterday, on the eve of the Rio Olympics, leaders from all parts of the world gathered for the second Nutrition for Growth summit – the first of which saw £17.5bn pledged to end malnutrition. But instead of making decisive progress towards safeguarding children from malnutrition, leaders failed to announce a high level pledging summit to be held in 2017. 

The summit was an important moment for accountability – to review the progress countries and others were making towards their commitments in 2013 and for leaders to renew their commitment to nutrition. But it disappointed in that it did not make any crucial progress. 

We were hoping to see the Nutrition for Growth international committee – the Governments of Brazil, the United Kingdom and Japan – show leadership on ending hunger and malnutrition, by making financial commitments and announcing a high level pledging summit to be held in 2017, in close cooperation with other leading governments. 

But sadly no such announcement was made.

"The summit has failed children suffering from malnutrition around the world. In the absence of a clear summit outcome, we hope for an announcement of a 2017 pledging moment in the coming weeks,” said Jean-Michel Grand, Action Against Hunger Executive Director. “We will continue to advocate for greater commitment and progress towards ending child malnutrition because we firmly believe that every child deserves to achieve their dreams – no matter where they are born in the world – and something as fundamental as nutrition should not stand in their way.” 

This 2017 summit would be a critical moment for governments to renew political commitments and make new and improved pledges for nutrition, including much needed financial ones in order to scale up progress towards global targets and meet the Sustainable Development Goals. With what is at stake, and the potential gains, the momentum and leadership on nutrition must be maintained and driven forward through next year. 

Image: Action Against Hunger Peru