Declan O'Rourke and his band on stage at the Royal Northern College of Music

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Our wonderful supporters host a special concert to raise over £10,000 for our lifesaving work.

By Action Against Hunger

Oct 9 2018

On Sunday, 14th October, a packed audience at the Royal Northern College of Music were treated to a night of memorable music from acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter Declan O’Rourke which raised over £10,000 in Aid of Action Against Hunger. Declan, accompanied by a full band, performed his album ‘Chronicles of the Great Irish Famine,’ in a night that paid tribute to those affected by this important chapter in Irish history, whilst raising awareness of issues that many countries are still facing. 

The concert is the brainchild of dedicated Action Against Hunger supporter Liam Ferguson; “When I saw Declan in Bury in April this year, I couldn’t sleep for thinking about the fact that the plight  the Irish suffered is still happening elsewhere today. Starving children, forced immigration, separated families, political interference, failed crops, war zones, racist treatment. I felt if Declan’s music could be staged in the right setting it would be a memorable evening and inspire people to do their bit to help NOW. I’m pleased and a little proud to say I was right.”

Liam decided to support Action Against Hunger through this groundbreaking concert in order to ensure he could have a real impact "I like the fact Action Against Hunger targets the greatest sufferers and potential gainers, namely children. I had a tough upbringing financially but my parents just kept afloat and we didn’t go hungry. It doesn’t take much to make a massive difference to a child's well being. A few bad months and health will be compromised for life or even ended cruelly. What more worthwhile cause can there be?"

After months of hard work, Liam and his friend Paul Carroll's efforts certainly paid off, seeing the night smash his personal fundraising target of £10,000 from ticket sales and generous donations from guests.

How did Liam find the event? "One of the most rewarding of my entire life. I have been snowed under with e-mails from people saying they found it ‘unforgettable, heartbreaking yet uplifting and mesmerising'. I was terrified beforehand that it would be a complete failure but when I stood up on stage to introduce Declan I could feel the warmth and goodwill from the audience and I knew it was going to be OK. I then just sat back and watched Declan O’Rourke hold them spellbound for 2 hours."

Thank you to Liam, Paul and all of the family and friends involved in organising this spectacular fundraiser and of course to Declan O'Rourke and his band for treating the audience to such a captivating performance and inspiring such generousity. 


community fundraising saves lives.
community fundraising saves lives.

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