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Little By Little Jewellery

Our interview with Georgina Fuggle, from our corporate supporters Little by Little jewellery

By Action Against Hunger

Dec 9 2015

This week, we interviewed the lovely Georgina Fuggle, who works in collaboration with Annabel Panes on their food inspired jewellery collection Little by Little. We spoke to Georgina about their inspirations for their jewellery collection, the origins of their partnership, and their support for Action Against Hunger.

How did Little by Little Jewellery come about?

A friend and I lived together during those fledgling, post-university years when carefree graduates are desperately finding their feet in young careers.  My days were spent at cookery school, learning the history of French sauces and Annabel’s were devoted to studying gold, silver and precious stones. Many unsociable hours of work later and I reached the dizzy heights of food writing and Annabel became an esteemed jewellery designer.  

We remained friends but it wasn’t until a decade later stirred by coffee or wine, I can’t remember which, that we thought about working together.  We had seen too many homeless, hungry people that day and prompted by their plight we wanted to find a way of honouring and assisting them.

We decided that we would combine our love of food and jewellery, create a beautiful collection that could raise a little money and donate to charity. We would start small. We would move forward with trepidation, little by little. We had a plan.  

Every week for two years, come rain or train delays, we met at Gatwick airport, the obvious middle point between London & Brighton and sat on the departure lounge floor, stealing free wifi. We agreed that with every piece that was made, we would donate funding to pay for a day's supply of therapeutic food, given to help nurse an acutely malnourished child back to health.

What was the inspiration for your collection?

The ingredients themselves were the inspiration. We wanted to reflect their natural beauty, their form and their elegance.  We've called this collection 'Fruits of the Earth'. 

What were the main challenges of putting these ideas into practice?

We worked very closely with the manufacturers to ensure we developed a collection that we are really proud of.  This involved much fine tuning and advice from our friends and families, many of whom have strong opinions! Annabel visited the factory and developed personal and important relationships with those on the ground; this took many months and required patience and stamina! 

Why do you support Action Against Hunger?

We spent many months finding a partner that we felt would sit well with our hopes for Little by Little. Action Against Hunger's strap line for their, 'Love Food, Give Food' campaign combined exactly how we felt about our business, we are lucky enough that food is available to us but feel desperate that everyone, wherever they live, should have this privilege. Action Against Hunger are enabling this basic human right. We were amazed by their generous spirit and ethos and felt proud to be affiliated with them.  

Georgina, you also work with food in other ways, as a cookbook author and photographer. Do you have any other inspirations for your work that are less tasty?

Food has become my professional career for the last few years but our love of art has undoubtedly fevered the passion for Little by Little. And faith is our backbone and the catalyst to our wanting to work with Action Against Hunger. 

What are plans for the future with Little by Little Jewellery?

We are currently developing our second collection which will be launched in Summer 2016. 

Little By Little's work can be found at, and would be a great Christmas present, as well as vital support for our work at Action Against Hunger. With each item that is sold, Little By Little will donate towards Action Against Hunger's life saving support around the world. 

Thank you to Georgina for her interview, and to Georgina and Annabel for their continued support. 


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