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By Action Against Hunger

Mar 2 2016

Ensuring every child is able to fulfil their dreams - no matter where they are born - begins with good nutrition.

In the UK, every new parent worries about how well their baby is feeding and whether he or she is gaining weight. It’s the most natural instinct for a mother to want to feed her children well and watch them blossom.

But in many countries, new mums do not have access to enough nutritious food to feed themselves or their children.

As Mamie Swaray, 20, from Sierra Leone told us: “At nine months I started giving my daughter Esther rice. This is the only food our family lives on although occasionally we eat some fruits and vegetables….Based on the advice they gave me at the health centre, I learned that my daughter fell sick because she was not eating a diverse diet and that made me really worried.”

Good nutrition: right from the start

At Action Against Hunger we know how important it is that all children have access to good nutrition right from the start. A healthy diet is an important part of a balanced and fulfilled life at any time, but it is especially vital for mums and mums-to-be as they provide all the fuel for their babies to grow.

Worldwide, one out of every 13 children under the age five is acutely malnourished. And a shocking sixteen million of these children are at immediate risk of death. This is millions of children unable to fulfil their dreams.

2016: a key moment in the campaign to end hunger and malnutrition

This summer we will witness the biggest gathering of world leaders uniting around a common cause - child nutrition. That is why we are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to attend the Nutrition for Growth summit to make new financial and policy commitments to improve the nutrition of 50 million women and children. 

In our Healthy Mums Healthy Kids campaign that we are launching today you will meet mums like Khounav, a Syrian refugee in Iraq, who is pregnant with her second child and who is frightened of giving birth in a camp far from home and Marie Sesay, who is looking after five orphaned children whilst bringing up four of her own in tough conditions.

Help us to support them through the vital first years of their children’s lives and beyond so that their children will be able to fulfil their dreams, wherever they are born.