Kadia is receiving therapeutic food from Action Against Hunger to help her tackle life-threatening malnutrition, in Matam, Senegal.

"I love being a mum"

Meet Dieymaba, and her one-year-old daughter Kadia, who are receiving support from Action Against Hunger health workers in Senegal.

By Samantha Doe

Nov 2 2017

One-year-old Kadia is fast asleep when Action Against Hunger health worker Yacine Sarr visits her and her mum Dieymaba at their home in Matam, Senegal.

Three months earlier, Kadia had been diagnosed with life-threatening malnutrition.

"I noticed that something was wrong when Kadia kept vomiting and developed a fever. An Action Against Hunger worker came to see us and screened her for malnutrition." Says Dieymaba.

"He weighed and measured her, then referred me to a health post a few kilometres away. At the health post, they diagnosed Kadia with malnutrition. They provided me with therapeutic food to give to Kadia and told me to come back for a check-up every week."

Since then, Kadia has gradually been getting better. "Thankfully, she is regaining her strength," Dieymaba says as she gives her daughter a kiss. "She’s having a little nap right now."

Dieymaba and her husband, who works as a cobbler in a neighbouring town, are farmers. As with many other families in Matam, they are confronted with some of the world’s most challenging environmental conditions to grow food and rear animals. The rains have been late this year and as a consequence, they have struggled to provide even the most basic needs for Kadia and her four-year-old brother.

Over the past two weeks, Kadia has not gained any weight. Yacine explains how important it is for Kadia to receive all her medical rations so she can make a full recovery. She also tells Dieymaba how she can provide her children with a healthy diet using seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Dieymaba listens carefully. "I love my children so much," she says. "What’s nicer than waking up in the morning and giving your children a big cuddle? They make me so very happy and I want them to have a healthy, happy future."


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Photos: A.Parsons/i-images for Action Against Hunger