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The impact of hurricane Matthew threatens children’s lives in Haiti

Action Against Hunger launches emergency response in first 24 hours

By Action Against Hunger

Oct 7 2016

Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful Caribbean hurricanes in recent years, has caused widespread devastation in Haiti. The damage is immense and an estimated 350,000 people are in urgent need of assistance.

Children are in urgent need of food and water

Our emergency teams on the ground have carried out initial needs assessments and have launched an emergency response to help children and families affected by the crisis. 

Our immediate priority is providing access to drinking water and sanitation. This is vital because floodwater and heavy rains contribute to deadly waterborne disease such as cholera, which children are particularly vulnerable to. We are currently prioritising areas in the Northwest and Artibonite regions of Haiti, which were in the hurricane’s path and are particularly sensitive to the risk of cholera outbreaks.

We have started distributing hygiene kits and are working to provide access to clean water in shelters and health centres affected by the hurricane. We’re also preparing to launch food distributions to address urgent needs. 

Health officials have already reported 30 new cases of cholera in affected areas in Haiti in the days following the hurricane: we have deployed mobile emergency teams to at-risk areas to identify cases of cholera, provide treatment to people who have been infected, and contain the cases to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease if necessary.

We have mobilised our emergency response team from Paris, and we are preparing to send 110 m3 of emergency supplies from our logistics headquarters to Haiti to meet the needs of those affected by the disaster.

We’re launching a £1.35 million appeal meet the large scale need in Haiti, and to help as many children and their families affected as possible. 

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Image: An Action Against Hunger staff member during a an awareness-raising session on hygiene in Haiti. 

Credit: S. Hauenstein Swan for Action Against Hunger, 2011.